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Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' Competition - November 2008

  Adrienne Rowell - Newquay, Cornwall, UK
Get Involved - It's All About You!
Blueskin Sticker on car that failed it's MOT   This car has travelled everywhere but sadly has finally failed an MOT so its living out the rest of its days as a banger racing car!! Adrienne
Newquay, Cornwall
  Rich M 1st
TV Steve 2nd
Adrienne 3rd
David 4th

This months comp winner is Mr Rich M sticker in Japan is awesome well done mate you deserve to win. Thanks for TV Steve for climbing houses and stickering aerials and Adrienne your car had a good life by the looks of it and to David for his photoshop skills - A big thanks to eveyone! A T-shirt on on it's way to Rich and stickers on their way to all the runners up - Happy stickering!

Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' Competition
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Latest Sticker Competition - March 2009
Email a friend about these stickers that travelled photographs
David Heslop - Tyne and Wear, UK      
Blueskin Sticker on Oraange Camper van   Here is a picture of my missus driving our Orange camper!!!!Regards,
David Heslop
Rich M - Mapperley Park, Nottingham, UK
Blueskin Sticker in Japan!

Alreet there,
Here's my entry for the stickers that travel competition. Piccy was taken in Ueno in Tokyo while my good lady and I were visiting her parents. It was quite easily the best holiday I've ever had and I'd recommend that everyone try to visit Japan if they get chance.
Hope you're all good and enjoying life.
Rich M

TV Steve - Westoning, Bedfordshire
Blueskin Sticker on a TV Aerial
ha yo.goner get me some new t's to day from ya web site today keep on trucking later.



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