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Emma Rogers | Roof

Emma-Lea Rogers Rider Profile

Who are you?
Emma-lea Rogers
How old are you?
You should never asked a lady her age...Ok I'm 31
Where were you born?
In a hospital in Kent a long time ago.
How long have you been snowboarding for?
Since 2000
Why do you do it?
Because it makes me smile thinking about it now and I'm smiling. The freedom of the sport, the places it can take you, the knowledge you gain, so many different people you meet and the whole lifestyle.
Emma Rogers | Gap Who/what inspired you to start?
I had been skiing since I was 5yrs old and remember one family holiday seeing someone on a snowboard and thought that looks different I want to give that a go. So with my hard boots, one piece and sunnies I was ready for my lesson, an hour later and I was ready to get back on my ski's. 10yrs later I decided to give it a second chance and have never looked back.
What setup do you use?
K2 mix 151, 32s boots Vela, Burton Escapade
Emma Rogers Do you ride Regular or Goofy?
Stance width?
Good question not totally sure but it quite wide

Stance angles (front and back)?
15 back -15. but I do change it around

Where's your favourite place to ride?
Morzine, Mammoth, Tignes

How many seasons have you done?
8 Winter and 5 Summer

Emma on guitarrrr What was your favourite trip and why?
There's been lots of fun little trips, but the one that stands out would be the one to Saint Lary about 4yrs ago with Kathy and Gilly. The longest drive, stopped by the police, nearly loosing Kathy, stuck on a lift for 30min's, the worst weather possible, having to wear leopard print Lycra boxer shorts to a spar for photos (don't asked) but all that aside I have never laughed so much.
What's your goal within snowboarding?
To try and do it as much as possible and hope it still keeps me smiling.
What aspect of snowboarding gives you the most satisfaction?
It really depends on the day, Powder, park, pipe and the tree's are all so much fun.
Emma Rogers | Trees What style of snowboarding best describes your riding?
I don't think a word has been invented yet.
What's your favourite trick?
BS 180 and I do like a switch BS 180. I like hand plants, but I still can't really do them YET.
What's your scariest snowboarding moment?
I think the scariest moment is always watching someone get hurt.
What are your top safety tips when riding?
Butt shorts, helmet and if your feeling too tired call it a day.
What advice have you got?
Do what makes you happy and to keeping trying to will happen in the end and it will be so worth it.
Where/when/what was your last competition?
It's been a while about 2yrs ago.

What other teams/sponsors do you snowboard for?
Helly Hanson, Zeal, Etnies, Eka, Ourcamp

What other sports do you do?
Horse riding, Surf (try to), swimming.

What are your other interests?
Fashion and music.


What kind of music are you into?
At the mo it's the Cribs, Virgins, Vampire weekend, Santagold and Stevie Wonder. It really does change all the time.

What's your favourite magazine?
Grazia, Cooler, OK and the Metro (all the daily goss).

What's your favourite book?
To Kill A Mockingbird.
What's your favourite film?
Sex and the City.
What's your favourite quote?
There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.
Best cocktail, shot or drink?
Mojito and Red wine, not together.

Thanks to:
Niki, Family, Friends and to whom ever is reading this.

Anything else you want to say?
Go get your Blueskin sticker NOW...

Emma-Lea Rogers has been riding for Blueskin since January 2006. Emma competed at The Brits in Laax 2006 and also at Intergirlactic, Chicken Jam and the Candy Jam in Sweden. Emma coaches on the Our Camp holidays which she founded with Gilly Seagrave and Sonia Shaw. Read Emma's blog

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