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Jo Chastney

Jo Chastney Rider Profile

Who are you?
I'm Jo Chastney
How old are you?
Where were you born?
Barton-on-Sea, its in the middle and right at the bottom.
How long have you been snowboarding for?
Hmmm think it's about 9 years now.
Why do you do it?
Because it's bloody amazing! There are so many reasons. It's so free, you can do so many different things, go free riding with no-one around for miles to sessioning something in the park with loads of your mates listening to beats. It's not just about snowboarding either, there is so much more involved, the people, the traveling, the music, the clothes, it's a whole lifestyle.
Who/what inspired you to start?
I went away skiing with my parents when I was younger and the whole family tried snowboarding, it all started there, blame them!
What setup do you use?
At the moment, I have a Forum Spinster which I use most of the time, a real jibby board, its a 146! The smallest board I've ever had, I love it. With Forum Moda bindings and Forum Craft boots. I also have a Forum Craft 152 for free riding and kickers with Forum VSP bindings.
Do you ride Regular or Goofy?
Jo Chastney
Stance width?
Oh I dont know the actual width, it's the widest it can possibly go though, with my bindings turned and everything.
Stance angles (front and back)?
It changes a bit, but usually its around front 15 back -15.
What was your favourite trip and why?
Travelling around with Posy was pretty fun, we spent about 2 weeks going all over the place, France, Switzerland, Austria and of course Lichtenstein! That was also the trip when I won the Brits, so that could also sway it as my favourite trip!
Where’s your favourite place to ride?
I've done 3 seasons in Morzine, I like it there, but think I need to find a new favourite place to ride!
Jo Chastney | 2Alps What's your favourite trick?
My safety trick is probably a backside 180 and a nice big one with a tweaked grab is always fun. Or on a box, maybe a cab 270 switch board 270 out. Spin tastic.
What's your goal within snowboarding?
It keeps changing, but the main thing which doesn't change, is that I love it, and I don't want that to change. So to keep having fun with it is a major goal. I would really like to be looked up at for my snowboarding and to push womens riding. I'm really not keen on competitions so I don't really have any goals like going to the Olympics or anything.
What style of snowboarding best describes your riding?
Blimey I don't know! I try to be stylish, I'm not to tech and don't go that big, I like to look good! Ha ha.
What aspect of snowboarding gives you the most satisfaction?
I really like it all, if I had to choose a perfect day it would be a nice warm day in the park with some fun kickers and rails/boxes. This year I got well into powder though, and drops. So as long as there is snow, I'll be well satisfied!
Jo Chastney | The Brits 2007 What's your scariest snowboarding moment?
Maybe getting ear bleed, from landing on the side of my head. I think it was because I had headphones in. Or landing so hard on my back I got a nose bleed and chest pains. Actually, no, it was when I did my ACL and knew I had to have ages off everything, horrible horrible.
What are your top safety tips when riding?
Always wear a helmet, maybe not because your crap, because other people are. They don't know where they are going, so you won't, until they are on your head!
Jo Chastney | The Brits 2007
What advice have you got?
Have fun, practise practise if you want to get better that is! It's hard, you will get hurt, just look after yourself as much as you can!
Where/when/what was your last competition?
Think it was the Brits in Switzerland in March. But I don't want to talk about it.
What events are you looking forward to this year?
I'm going to America, so just that really! I would like to do the Roxy Chicken Jam. Hmm chicks. Er not too sure what else is going on over there, sure there will some amazing eventing going on though.
Jo Chastney
What has been you biggest achievement in snowboarding?
I suppose winning the Brits last year, amazing. It was a bit of a shock, but I was obviously stoked! Then I got hooked up with all my sponsors which is fantastic.
What other teams/sponsors do you snowboard for?
Forum snowboards, Special Blend outerwear, Rockstar energy drink, Anon optics, Red protection, Rurl bandanas and Blueskin!
What other sports do you do?
I like to do lots. Mainly in the summer I like to wakeboard/wakeskate, surf, skate, play football, volleyball, hockey, tennis, swim, go to the gym and ride my bike.
What are your other interests?
I really like drawing, graffiti mainly but I'm recently getting into tattoo art, and hopefully getting my hands on a needle soon, ha ha. I'm really into tattoos so that's something I would love to do. I like music, films, hats, and I'm now learning to play the drums.
Where would you like to see yourself in the future?
I would just like to enjoy what I'm doing. Whatever that might be! I have a 5 year plan... so, to play the drums, kinda well, to be able to tattoo, kinda well, and hopefully still snowboarding if my body will allow it. Moving out would be quite nice too, but think that's pushing it!
Who are your idols?
My dad, he's really worked hard, and given me so much help with anything I've wanted to do with good advice. And he plays hard too! Travis Barker, because he is a legend! Drumming machine, amazing family, money and some sweet rides.
   What kind of music are you into?
All sorts, mainly hip hop and RnB. But getting into bandy stuff, rock, reggae, house loads.
   What’s your favourite magazine?
I don't really have a favourite, I buy snowboard mags, tattoo mags, Diva and Cooler.
  What's your favourite book?
I don't really read.
What's your favourite film?
Snatch, or the Kill Bills, something like that, gangsterish.
  What's your favourite quote?
The more you fear something, the more it's going to hurt.
Best cocktail, shot or drink?
Long Island Iced Tea/ Sambuca/ Vodka and diet coke with ice/ apple juice/ Rockstar juiced
  What's your most prized possession?
Phone, laptop, ipod, my hats, sov.
Thanks to: My Mum and Dad, family, friends, Rob, Lizzie, Ferg, Claire, Dan @ Spin, Gordon, Ben@ BigDreams, Sherman, the girls in my life and the ones that will be.
  Anything else you want to say?
Holy Shamola!
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