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Zach Culshaw | Rider

Zach Culshaw Rider Profile

Who are you?
Zach Culshaw
Where were you born?
How long have you been snowboarding for?
5 years
Why do you do it?
It's something I can do to relax, and I get to do and experience things I would never get to if I didn't do it.
Who/what inspired you to start?
A sheer lack of ability to ride a skateboard. Getting better at skating now though.
What setup do you use?
Rome Graft 155, Rome Targa Bindings
Do you ride Regular or Goofy?
Stance width?
Feckin massive
Stance angles (front and back)?
15, 15
Zach Culshaw | Rider Where’s your favourite place to ride?
Anywhere that has a nice kicker
How many seasons have you done?
Where and when did you do your seasons?
Last season in Laax

What was your favourite trip and why?
Season in Laax. Simply because it was my first one and a new experience for me.

What do you love about snowboarding?
The freedom to do what you want while you are cruising around. Just being able to try and be creative with it.
Photo by Steven McKenna
Orange AIM Series Rossendale 2006
Zach Culshaw | Rider What's your goal within snowboarding?
To be the best I can be and be proud about what I manage to do.


What aspect of snowboarding gives you the most satisfaction? Kickers, just for the feeling you get floating through the air.
What style of snowboarding best describes your riding? Freestyle I guess...

What's your favourite trick?
Floaty back 1 or a back 5 mute, it's a close competition between those two.

What's your scariest snowboarding moment? Landing on my head at Hillend during a comp trying a heelside rodeo. Can't remember it in fairness but I suppose that is a good thing.
What are your top safety tips when riding?
Wear a lid hahaha.
What advice have you got?
Ride within your limits, i.e. if you don't feel comfortable hitting something then don't rush into it. Take your time scoping things out and make sure you feel confident about doing something before you do it.
Zach Culshaw | Rider Where/when/what was your last competition?
Legion Rocks at Bearsden, was a bit hectic but was a good laugh.
What events are you looking forward to this year?
The Westbeach comps, got Halifax coming up soon.
What has been you biggest achievement in your sport?
Probably winning the junior slopestyle at braehead in 2006. Rails are fun and stuff but I'm not as comfortable on them as I am on kickers so it was a pretty big thing for me when I won.
Zach Culshaw | Rider What other teams/sponsors do you snowboard for?
Rome, Westbeach and Zeal Optics.

What other sports do you do?
None in particular, I'll play football if there is enough people haha. Used to play basketball and badminton haha. Oh yeah I also skate. Don't know how I forgot that but hey.

What are your other interests?
Music mainly.
Where would you like to see yourself in the future?
Somewhere were I am doing well and doing something I enjoy.
Zach Culshaw | Rider What kind of music are you into?
Mainly alternative music but also DnB, rap, jazz/blues and chilled out music. Pretty much anything that I like the sound of.
What’s your favourite magazine?
What's your favourite book?
Haven't really got one. I have read books obviously but don't really have a favorite.
Zach Culshaw | Rider What's your favourite film?
At the minute it's dont mess with the Zohan. I want some fizzy bubble haha.
What's your favourite quote?
No matter how much you shake and dance the last drops of piss end up on your pants...

Best cocktail, shot or drink?
Ultra violet shots, or JD and coke.

What's your most prized possession?
My snowboard.
Thanks to:
All the people I ride with, my sponsors, Scot and Sue, my mum and stepdad for helping me out.
Zach Culshaw | Rider Anything else you want to say?
Zach Culshaw is 20 years old from Edinburgh. He has been riding for Blueskin since Summer 2006. He hooked up with Blueskin at the Farmers Jam in Norwich 9-10 Sept 06 where he got lost in a field, sprained his wrist, and soldiered on coming 1st in the Big Air and 4th in the Slope Style. He wore his beanie all weekend despite soaring temperatures and busted out some rare dance moves at the local Norwich night club. Read Zach's blog 
Photo by Steven McKenna / Orange AIM Series Rossendale 2006
Zach Culshaw | Rider Zach Culshaw | Rider
Zach Culshaw | Rider
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